Haworth Premise

Used Haworth Premise workstations with a BBF (2 drawers, file) and 2 shelves for storage. These Haworth Premise cubicles are sized 8×7, but can be configured into 7×6, 6×6 or 8×6. Our used Haworth cubicles have 53 inch high panels. The fabric is a tan mix, even though it looks gray in the photos.  They come with a keyboard corner and tray. These used Haworth Premise workstations are nearly new, built in 2010.

Price does not include delivery. Pricing on workstations is based on using a shared center spine/center divider with workstations on each side. Additional costs incurred for single, non-shared spines, additional panels, power and installation. Our design team can help design a layout that will help reduce these costs.