What is an L-Desk

Office Furniture Lady

An L-Desk is a desk with two pieces: the main desk you work at, and an additional attached work-area called a “return”.  The picture above shows an L-Desk.

It gets its name from the shape- if you look at the desk from an aerial view, it looks like the letter “L”.

They come in different sizes, and the return (or “L”) can be on the right side or the left side.

The side you choose to put the return on is usually based on where the desk will best fit in your office.  There are times when a right-handed person prefers a right-handed L-desk, or a left-handed person prefers a left-handed L-desk, but most often the room dictates the best direction for the desk.

Some standard overall sizes for L-Desks are below:

5′ x 6′ L-Desk (30×60″ Desk with 24×42″ Return)  –  minimum office size needed is 8′ x 6′…

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