The Importance of Office Ergonomics

Office Interiors Denver

How many hours in a typical work week do you spend time sitting behind a desk? For most office workers the numbers each week exceed well over 40 hours. An ergonomic office chair is quite different from a traditional office chair. Ergonomically designed office chairs are structured to provide rest to the main body parts that experience stress and strain throughout the course of a day. Proper office ergonomics can make an impact through the following:


  • Ergonomic chairs provide proper posture support. Ergonomic chairs are customized with head and back rests that support posture. Height adjustments can be made as well which encourage a position of sitting with your feet flat on the floor, knees at a ninety degree angle to the floor and parallel to the hips.
  • Quite simply ergonomic chairs are the most comfortable. This is because they are fully adjustable to the individual’s preferences unlike a normal chair.

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