Office Furniture That Lets You Exercise While You Work

Corporate Space Planning & Relocation Advice

For the “modular employee” that likes to keep moving, even when at the office, or individuals that need or want to include some exercise in their day even though life and work demand otherwise, there are office furniture solutions just for you.

Introducing the treadmill desk!

Similar to the sit-stand desk, the treadmill desk is a desk or table top with a height adjustable stand. However, attached to the foot of the stand amidst the desk’s legs is, you guessed it, a treadmill. Now the modular employee can bring work and exercise together by walking while he/she continues regular business activities.

The treadmill desks are built with certain safety features. Unlike regular treadmills that are seen in a gym, the treadmill desks have a limited maximum rotation speed of six kilometers per hour (6km/h) which does not allow for jogging or running. They are built with a high torque system…

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