Increase Office Productivity By Re-Arranging Your Office Furniture

ACT Furniture

If your office is cramped and you lack adequate storage space, it may well be time for a clear out. Although the vast majority of offices have not quite made it to the ‘paperless office’ stage, you may well find that due to cloud computing, you really don’t need to print out as much paperwork as you did in the past. Have a realistic look at your office and be honest – are there files stacked up which haven’t needed to be accessed for over 12 months? If so, it’s time to start archiving.

There’s no real need to throw old paperwork out unless you know you really won’t need to use it again, but it is a good idea to archive those files which aren’t active. Choose a storage system which will house all of the current paperwork and will also have room to store more for the future…

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